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Lifestyle photography is more than just taking pictures.
It's an adventure.

  • Lifestyle Photographer Ant Strack


    Lifestyle photography is about capturing that unique moment in life that reveals an authentic story.

  • Landscape Photographer Ant Strack


    To feel the heat, the rain, stillness and the dust, to touch the heart of the land is the magic of landscape photography.

  • Portrait Photographer Ant Strack


    Portrait photography should aim to make the viewer look deeper and to see past the surface of the subject.

Ant Strack Photography

There are three types of people in the world: doers, observers, and crazed photographers. I find myself in the last category, exercising my creative edge while observing the doers from the frontlines.

I’m a lifestyle ambassador, chronicling the breathtaking landscapes we’re blessed with and the wild antics us humans get up to in these spaces. Working with clients like Merrell and Hi Tec who produce the gear adventures are made of has placed me amongst people that live life to the fullest.

This is where I thrive, and although I’m relieved that I don’t hang from cliffs or dive into arctic waters like my models, I love being a part of this team and producing the lifestyle photography that will inspire more observers to get out there and do great things.

Cape Town lifestyle photographer Ant Strack